lunes, 26 de marzo de 2012

¿ Where is the Gas Station of the Cosmos? (1)

In view of the immensity of the Cosmos, I will begin reducing the outer space to our galaxy, the Milky Way, which has about 200 to 400 billion stars and one of those stars is our sun, a dwarf star, 150 million kilometers from the Earth, who was born five million years ago, with an internal temperature of 15 million degrees, produced by the fusion of hydrogen into helium, consuming 4.4 million tons of matter per second, which is the mass the star loses every second of its life.

Our sun, like all the stars of the Milky Way, and the Cosmos, are born, live, and die, but.... ¿where do the huge amounts of energy they consume come from?, “¿Where is the gas station of the Cosmos?”

The Scientific “Establishment” has no scientific answer that may be demonstrated with the knowledge and the existing resources of our planet “Earth”.

For the “independent minds”, we like all scientific challenges that seem impossible, and we unabashedly skip out of traditional knowledge that does not convince us, we often find some new laws of Physics, from which derive many applications that enrich the knowledge of Physics.

In my specific case, I feel very proud to have found new physical laws in the field of generation and utilization of the electrical energy, previously not known, considered “impossible” by the scientific "Establishment" and that represent huge scientific benefits to humanity. To summarize, I will describe the most important:

  1. Reuse of the Electric Energy, in ninety percent of the applications, demonstrating that electricity is not spent nor turned into work, as the "Establishment" says, but is recovered after the work is produced.
  2. The multiplication of active electric power or useful electric power, or what is the same, multiplying the kilowatts, in a ninety percent of the applications.  
  3. Electrical Cogeneration using Reactive Energy as the sole source of residual energy eliminating thus the Reactive Energy of the electrical distribution lines is another added benefit, because it eliminates the line losses by the Joule effect due to the reactive current.  

The Reactive Energy has never been used before, prior to my patents, being considered by the "Establishment" as a blind energy, watt-less and incapable to produce work.
The new findings are protected by six Procedure Patents and multiple Application Patents, used for almost all the uses of the electric energy.

The new technology and its applications are represented by the trademark Ortronic, word formed from the union of "Ort" taken from my name Ortigosa and the word "ronic" taken from the word electronica.

In the beginnings of Science, when Philosophy embraced all areas of knowledge, all the scientists were "Independent"; the "Establishment" begins to be formed with Maxwell, Hertz and Einstein.

The "Independent" group, are the parents of the Electricity; by checking in this review all the inventions and biographies of the most important, with special attention to the common features between them, analyzing in each one: The imagination, technical training, personality and beliefs.

In the near future I will publish biographical information of the parents of the Electricity, and finally publish the correct answer to the question: ¿Where is the gas station of the Cosmos?  Provable, on our planet Earth.

Signed: Juan Ortigosa Garcia
Madrid, July 2011.

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